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Change, Project and Programme Management

In today’s ever changing landscape and added pressures to stay competitive in a global market, many organisations identify and look to effectively deliver change initiatives, which in turn deliver their business outcomes. This could be a system change to upgrade their existing IT, an operational change to reorganise how their teams function or where the work is delivered from, or a much bigger scale of transformation of their business. Whatever the nature of the change, organisations are turning to experienced professionals who can execute this change for them – and this is where we come in.

We pride ourselves on what we have achieved in our delivery services over the years. We have a diverse list of assignments (IT and Business) across various industries that have been successfully completed across our portfolio. We have a strong change implementation background and have operated as change agents on many occasions – as Project / Programme managers, as PMO, and generally in roles that support the delivery of a successful change initiative.

We are able to adapt our collective experience and deploy our proven techniques and methods to address different needs from our clients. The advantage of having experience of many business sectors is that we can share best practices and successful approaches across them. Our wide exposure to the growing number of technology approaches and methodologies allows us to use the best fit for our clients delivery organisation.

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  • Formed in 2007 to deliver Strategic Advisory and Transformation Delivery Services
  • Unique mix of business, IT and change skills that provide a broad understanding of the drivers, challenges and methodologies for the successful implementation of change within an organisation
  • Operating predominantly in the Insurance and the Telecommunication sectors
  • Highly experienced consultant team working in close partnership with our clients

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